8 Ports GSM Fixed Wireless Terminal/GSM Gateway,CDMA Gateway

Frequency: GSM850/1900MHz,900/1800MHz, CDMA 800/1900MHz


1) It is a 8 channels GSM/CDMA Gateway that has 8 ports FXS interfaces.

2) It supports 8 ports-32SIMs (1port-8Sim card/Ruim Card) call rotation and IMEI change.

3) It can connect with ordinary telephone set, PBX or VoIP Gateway, call back system etc.

4) Dialing tonefrequency: 450hz

5) DTMF Dialing

6) IP Presetting

7) Has 8 FXS ports

8) Displays caller ID

9) 32 SIM Cards’ rotation

10) Bell signal,clear voice

11) Comptiable with Asterisk

12) SIM card supported(1.8V,3V)

13) Simple to install and operate

14) Can hide subscriber ID(Optional)

15) Employ Industrial module to make

16) Provides proper reversal polarity for metering

17) Working status and Signal Strength by LED indicator

18) Compatible to ordinary telephones,PBX,PABX,VOIP gateway